Thursday, 31 October 2013

Ziggy from Dogchester.

Hairy lips can ruin a man's day.

Tell me why dragons don't like Mondays.

Work would work better if dogs were allowed.

Even bears get bored.

Queen of the Moustache.

He wrestled crocodiles. I liked him.

This bear ate my parents.

Work made me mental.


You can't dust for vomit.


You like?

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Rest in Noise Lou.

George Michael will smash your camera shop to smithereens.

A doodle of some muscular freak.

You'll love Aladdin Sane.

Happy Birthday to the King!

Brian Greenhoff. Rest in Peace old boy.

Steven Patrick Morrissey.

Ray Manzarek..... He's got the keys, he's got the secrets.

Thom Yorke... Kicking, squealing, Gucci, little, piggy.

You've got to watch your Sat Fats man.

Work does not grant freedom.


My pal Nigel Bennett.... Heaven knows he's miserable now.

Andy Wynne....a man and a City fan.

Al from The Lumberjack's Axe.

Roger from The Lumberjack's Axe.

Barry from The Lumberjack's Axe.

Tony from The Lumberjack's Axe

Lumberjack Choirboy - Self Portrait

The devil can take many forms.

This is a self portrait of me in a stupid big suit.

Gail Platt from Coronation Street (again)

Look what someone else had for tea!

The Flowers of Manchester.

Sometimes you've just got to make it for yourself.

My pal, Andy Wynne, moved house. I drew his truck.